How To Choose A Dance Studio

When choosing a particular studio or method of learning to dance you must first answer the following basic questions. Your answers will determine the keys needed to evaluate a studio, and whether it is a fit for you.

What is the most important element in your dancing?

This question is the most important one. If your answer is to learn to dance for FUN, pure enjoyment – stay with the inexpensive ways of learning to dance.

However, if your answer to this question involves elements of learning to be the best, learning the proper technique, learning to dance for enjoyment but to also be “better than the average bear”, or possibly competing your best decision would be to choose a studio in which you felt the particular element was being addressed.

What is the monthly or yearly total you are willing to spend?

Before making any decisions as to which studio, you must decide for yourself what your yearly or monthly budget can afford. Do your budget numbers before you look for a studio — this will be one less hassle if you know upfront what you can afford. As well, it will help you to be wise and not get straddled with a payment that is uncomfortable.

Why do you dance?

Ensure that you understand why you enjoy dancing or at least why you want to dance. Only you know the true reason – but as long as you know – this will help you in deciding where to attend.

For example, some people dance because it gives them a “workout” time with their spouse, some dance because they love to move to music, some dance because they gain self-confidence from learning motor activities, others dance to meet people, etc. These are just a few reasons – determine yours.

Do you need or want the social benefits of belonging to a particular studio?

Belonging to a particular studio, is just like having a membership at the Glenco or the Winter Club. It’s a place you belong to – it meets your social needs and gives you the benefits you’re looking for. Is this something that you believe you want in your life? Do you like having a membership? Ensure you know the answer.

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