Connie Perrard

Level II Class Instructor, Phone Committee
Connie Perrard
About Connie
I started dancing when I was 4 years old.  I took all kinds of dancing lessons
throughout my childhood.  When I started college I chose dancing as my specialty.
As a student assistant I taught classes at Lamar University.  It was fun teaching
adults who paid to learn to dance.  For 33 years I excelled in East Coast Swing.  In
2001 I discovered Bay Area Dance Club and West Coast Swing and I was hooked.
I have been involved with Bay Area for many years, competing, instructing, selling
dance shoes to club members, and helping out with anything that I can.  I was part of
a dance team known as The Ladies In Red in 2012. West Coast Swing is a fun and
challenging dance and I love helping others learn the techniques of the dance.
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