Barbara Thompson

Level I Class Instructor
Barbara Thompson
About Barbara
My Husband and I have been dancing for years.  Being from South Carolina
we mostly danced Shag.  We moved around a lot because of my husband’s
career.  In 2006 his job permanently led us to Houston, Tx. and that is when
we discovered Bay Area Dance Club and West Coast Swing.  We became very
involved in club activities and I was part of a dance team known as The Ladies
In Red in 2012.  In 2014 I stepped into the Sargent At Arms officer position and
have been in that position ever since.  In 2015 I was inducted into the National
Boppers Hall of Fame in Dallas, Texas as well as the Living Legends of Dance in
Virginia Beach, Va.  I have been teaching the Level I class at Bay Area Dance Club
since 2014 and really enjoy teaching others this dance that I love so much.

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