Ray Coker

Advanced Class Instructor, Dance Director, DJ
About Ray
I am a swing dance champion from Houston, Texas.  I have been teaching
West Coast Swing in the Houston area for 30 years and have been inducted
into the National Boppers Hall of Fame in Jacksonville, Fla, inducted into the
Living Legends of Dance in Virginia Beach, Virginia along with being inducted
into Allswing DJ Hall of Fame in Atlanta Georgia. As for teaching dance, I have
taught private and group lessons, coached and choreographed routines for couples
and teams.  I have served as a competition judge and Judging coordinator and am
currently dance director and DJ for the Bay Area Whip Dance Club of Houston, Texas.
Along with being fun and informative, my classes always incorporate technique,
connection, centering and timing.  Make plans to attend my classes with Bay Area
Dance Club!
My dance training is with Mike Guerrero, Mario Robau, and Debbie and Angel Figueroa.
(281) 480-6502 –  dance_director1@bawdc.org

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