Cara Coker

Advanced Class Instructor, Database Manager, DJette
President - Cara Coker
About Cara
I started dancing Country & Western at a very early age.  I discovered
West Coast Swing and Bay Area Dance Club in the Spring of 2008 and
never looked back.  Since discovering this amazing dance and this awesome
dance club I have accomplished many things.  I rapidly excelled at this dance
because I couldn’t stop dancing.  I took many private lessons and worked my
way up to the advanced class in about a year and a half.  In 2011 I started
teaching the advanced class alongside my husband Ray Coker.  In 2012 I formed
a ladies dance team known as “The Ladies In Red” and we performed a line
dance in the Houston Swing Classic dance competition.  In 2014 I became
President of Bay Area Dance Club and also I am in charge of all Membership.
I am also a DJ for the club and have DJ’d many Swing Dance events across the
United States.  In 2015 I was inducted into the National Boppers Hall of Fame in
Dallas, Texas as well as the Living Legends of Dance in Virginia Beach, Va.  I love
teaching others how to do this amazing, challenging, fun dance that is called West
Coast Swing.  I look forward to teaching you!
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